The Chateau collection is, as the name suggests, a majestic-looking range.The herringbone pattern is unique in the laminate world and makes you feel like royalty at home. The Chateau collection can be easily installed in different ways.


dydisThe size of the floorboards visually affects the space of the room.
Dimensions – 504 x 84 x 8 mm



A lifetime warranty on residential use

At BerryAlloc®, quality is extremely important. That is why we also offer a lifetime warranty for residential use. Our floors have undergone tests for strength, impact of water damage, discolouration, stability and wear and tear. This has resulted in a floor that you can enjoy for many years.


The Real Feel of Wood

Feel nature in your house. Touch the surface of our laminate planks and feel the natural roughness of wood. Pure nature. Pure love.


Variety of patterns

The BerryAlloc® Chateau Collection is designed for those who love classic patterns and those who want to experiment and create their own.


Easy maintenance

A floor that looks just like real wood but that can be cleaned easily with water and soap? That’s what a laminate floor offers. A damp cloth or mop and some detergent are all you need to keep your floor looking like new for years.



Plenty of matching accessories

Looking for a perfect finish for your floor? Our accessories include skirtings, profiles and maintenance products. Anyone with a keen eye for detail will find the perfect accessory for their floors in our extensive range.


PEFC certified

All our products are PEFC™ certified. This means that they carry the ‘Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes’ label, which guarantees that they come from sustainably managed forests.


Made in Belgium

BerryAlloc® has been producing high-quality laminate in Belgium for more than 20 years.


Super Scratch Resistant

Beautiful flooring that will last a lifetime. No need to stress, this floor is made to withstand the rigours of real life.