The Bjelin cured-oak Swedish parquet boards are extremely resilient and cured using a patented technology. This technology triples the strength, resistance, and longevity of the board, compared to traditional flooring.

The strength is the result of filling the natural pores of the wood with a special mixture and pressing that layer together with a fibreboard. This hardens the surface and creates the exclusive look of the parquet board.

The all-natural parquet boards are extremely resistant to high heels or the chaos caused by kids or pets. It can also withstand sudden impacts from heavy electronics and other appliances. You will no longer need to worry about dents or other marks. The roughed and brushed surface is already treated with oil and wax, making the boards resistant to humidity and the spillage of various coloured products.

Due to their high resistance, these easy-to-install parquet boards are a perfect fit for any room of your house, as well as commercial premises. They are pleasant to the touch and to walk barefooted on. What is also noteworthy – a sold width of 223 mm or 283 mm.

The boards are suited for heated floors and are best installed using the floating method, that is – not by adhering them to the base, but securely locking them together.

Stop the dirt at the entrance! It is recommended to have a doormat to brush off shoes, placed outside by the main entrance, and another “generous” mat inside. For public spaces, it is recommended to have special large mats by the entrance that reduce the cleaning and maitenance costs. Regular cleaning using a vacuum cleaner or a slightly wet swab is suitable. Dry cleaning: it is recommended to clean daily, using a broom, a vacuum cleaner and a slightly wet floor swab when necessary.

The Bjelin cured-oak Swedish parquet boards are exceptionally wide, which helps demonstrate the natural look of the oak flooring.

All dimensions:

Extra wide – 283 x 2379 x 11 mm
Wider – 276 x 2379 x 11 mm
Wide – 223 x 2379 x 11 mm
Normal – 210 x 2379 x 11 mm
“Professional” collection – 187 x 2000 x 11 mm