BerryAlloc® Spirit Pro and XL vinyl floors are more durable and require little maintenance. This is a great choice for your home or commercial space. With more durable vinyl floors, you won’t have to compromise on durability, price and aesthetics. Especially if you are choosing a floor that will last you a long time.


Spirit USP_Just like real wood

Just like real wood

Spirit blends the authentic look and feel of natural materials with the ease of use and solidity of a vinyl floor. The real wood texture will ensure that you feel every single visible grain in your floor. Due to the perfect blend of decors and textures, gives your home the authenticity you’re looking for.

Spirit USP_Easy to clean

Childproof, pet-proof and easy to clean

Spirit is designed to last throughout the ages. This includes a resistance to roughhousing, boisterous furry friends or practicing dance steps around the room. It’s stain- and moisture-resistant coating makes cleaning faster and easier than ever. By simply using the right products, you extend the life of your vinyl floor even further.

Spirit USP_All about stability

It’s all about stability

Spirit vinyl floors suit homes located in any geographical area: from the sunny and exotic south, to the cool and chilly north. Your floor will retain its stability throughout every season, despite heavy fluctuations in temperature. Even humid rooms, or near large windows where sunlight pours in directly, you’ll have no trouble installing. Vinyl floors are particularly suited for use alongside floor heating.

Spirit USP_Easy to install

Easy to install

Spirit’s elegant design is reinforced by its thin, yet durable build. This makes it suitable for installation as floating vinyl flooring. Whether your current floor is made out of tiles, wood or concrete, Spirit will cover it up without any issues. It’s among the best choices when it comes to floating vinyl flooring, as even minor differences in height disappear once Spirit vinyl planks or tiles have been installed.


Spirit USP_Big tile size

A unique, big tile size

These luxury vinyl planks add volume to create that extra-appealing look. If you prefer a tiled look, Spirit XL also includes tiles that measure 60 by 90 cm. These XL tiles are guaranteed to give your home a timeless look and feel. The high-quality finishing assures years of domestic and commercial comfort.

Spirit USP_Soundproof


Each click vinyl plank or tile of your Spirit floor has an acoustic underlay. Thanks to its innovative, integrated underlay, the click-comfort planks and tiles minimize the sound of people walking across the floor by up to 20 decibels.

Spirit USP_Waterproof

100% waterproof

A 100% waterproof vinyl floor such as Spirit can even be installed in your cellar, as it’s perfectly at home in damp spaces. Your new floor will handle all that moisture like it’s nothing and remain as graceful as ever.

Spirit USP_Phtalate free

100% phtalate free

Spirit is a 100% phthalate-free floor that outperforms the European standard. Vinyl floors were produced in a way that prevents any harmful substances from being released. It’s A+ certificate speaks for itself.