The Grand Avenue collection is a collection of extra long and extra wide high pressure laminate planks. The high pressure surface is twice as thick as in conventional laminate floors. Our high pressure laminate planks are classified as the strongest laminate floors on the market and are ideal for any home and high-traffic area.

Grand Avenue Collection

The size of the floorboards visually affects the space of the room.
Dimensions – 2410 x 241 x 12,3 mm



Maximum strength

Unequalled in their solid strength, BerryAlloc® laminate floors tolerate high traffic, impacts of various kinds and heavy loads.


Easy maintenance

A floor that looks just like real wood but that can be cleaned easily with water and soap? That’s what a laminate floor offers. A damp cloth or mop and some detergent are all you need to keep your floor looking like new for years.


Lifetime warranty

BerryAlloc® high pressure laminate carries a lifetime warranty for residential premises, and a 10 year warranty for commercial premises. Ideal for all commercial, business and residential uses.


A smooth installation

Our floors can be installed without expansion profiles over an area of 225 m² or across a maximum length of 15 metres.



Top quality products

The solid, durable surface layer is pressed separately, and glued onto the core board. This process results in a plank that is significantly stronger than traditional laminate, and a durable, wear-resistant floor surface. With this kind of surface, these class 34/AC6 floors are extremely resistant to scratching and staining.


Revolutionary locking system

The durable and ultra-tough ALULOC locking system, available on Grand Avenue, provides a solid, sealed floor surface that copes easily with heavy traffic, and can tolerate loads of up to 1200 kg per linear metre, making this high pressure laminate flooring the strongest on the market.


Made in Norway

High-pressure laminate flooring is designed and manufactured in Norway in an environmentally friendly way. Laminate is inspired by Scandinavian nature, design and lifestyle.


Resilient and silent

The Water-resistant HDF board with sealed edges provides optimum protection against moisture. Also an acoustic underlay incorporated into our high pressure BerryAlloc® laminates, cuts noise by more than 19 decibels.