It is now possible to click together a herringbone parquet floor without having to use nails, glue or have to grind or lacquer it. By eliminating many of the labour-intensive steps such as gluing, nailing, grinding or surface treatment, the labouring cost can be kept down and result in a reasonable total cost for a herringbone parquet.


Click flooring for a perfect result

Like all Bjelin products, the boards are simply clicked together, with the advantage that they can be installed as a floating floor.

Underfloor heating

Bjelin floors work very well with a range of underfloor heating systems. For installation with underfloor heating, foil with age-resistant vapour barrier must be used,

Strong and sustainable

Woodura is the patented technology which makes it possible to reinforce wood and to use the entirety of the tree as raw material. This makes it sustainable for both you and the environmen

 Wooden feeling in every style

Discover a fantastic range of wooden floors in all colours and styles – from calm and elegant to vibrant and rustic. Bjelin herringbone parquet comes in several styles, grades and surface treatments

69 x 345 x 14,6 mm