Bjelin has a wide range of cured wood flooring it also includes herringbone flooring. The individual boards are somewhat larger than traditional herringbone parquet, which makes them ideal for slightly bigger rooms. The hardened wood surface also offers the opportunity of installing a herringbone floor in high-traffic areas.



Bjelin’s wide planks are manufactured with a patented technology to cure wood and make it stronger. It’s an innovative wooden floor with a genuine wooden feel that is several times stronger than other wooden floors and utilises renewable raw materials in an optimal way.


The wooden surface is pressed under high temperature on to a fibreboard that has been coated with a wood powder. The wooden surface is compressed and the wood powder penetrates the wooden surface from underneath. The result is a cured wood that is several times stronger and harder than normal wooden floors

Strong and sustainable

Woodura is the patented technology which makes it possible to reinforce wood and to use the entirety of the tree as raw material. This makes it sustainable for both you and the environment


These wooden parquet boards are suitable for public spaces, where one of the most important requirements for the floor is flammability class Bfl-S1. Floors of Cured Wood are suitable for almost all rooms in homes or commercial areas that are exposed to normal wear (such as offices, waiting rooms or shops). Floors made from Cured Wood are not suitable for wet or damp rooms (eg. bathrooms or saunas)


Click flooring for a perfect result

Like all Bjelin products, the boards are simply clicked together, with the advantage that they can be installed as a floating floor.

Suitable for different areas

Cured Oak Herringbone parquet with a click lock system is a floor that can be installed in all areas where wooden floors are traditionally used. Bjelin’s herringbone parquet is ideal for both domestic and public environments. It’s most suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, but it can also be installed in kitchens and halls, public premises such as shops and restaurants.

Easy installation with thin floors

Normally, wide planks are also thick. The technique of hardening wood allows the floors to be made wide but still remain very thin at
just 11 mm. Therefore, you won’t have to alter your doors or make any other costly changes to your home.

Underfloor heating

Suitable for water-borne underfloor heating. Standard type foil systems are generally not recommended. (Exception: self-regulating
heating systems with floor sensors that maintains a surface temperature of 27 °C).

All dimensions:
96 x 576 x 11 mm