BerryAlloc® Vinyl flooring (PVC) is a great choice for your home. Made by professionals in search of a balance between high quality and good pricing. Vinyl flooring is more resistant to environmental factors – unlike wooden flooring, it is less vulnerable to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Vinyl flooring coverings are resistant to scratches, moisture, are easy to care for, making them long lasting. They are some of the most popular coverings in the world.

These floors are perfectly suited for apartments, private homes, offices, spaces owned by people who look for expressive patterns, ecological, easily cared for, high quality and resistant, easily assembled floors. They are perfectly suited for commercial and industrial areas, such as an airport, which has an especially large influx of people.



Easily installed

BerryAlloc® vinyl flooring is installed using a DreamClick® lock, the best in the market. The floor boards may be connected on all four sides. Thanks to the highly developed technology, dust does not gather while installing these floors and the process is smoother and faster.

Paklotas nereikalingas

Underlayment not necessary

Vinyl flooring may be installed on different surfaces, you may also do this on existing floors. An underlayment under vinyl flooring is not necessary. However, using it will result in softer floors and better soundproofing.


Especially light

The RCB technology used in BerryAlloc® vinyl flooring production makes it 30% lighter, therefore you may transport and lay it down with ease. It is a light and durable flooring.


Customize your own design

You can get creative and make your own unique floor design. Because of the DreamClick® lock, all four sides may connect even to wood or tile imitation boards.



Silent and non-slippery

BerryAlloc® vinyl flooring is non-slippery and is characterized by good insulation – it is 50% quieter than other LVT class floors. That is why it is not only perfectly suited for apartments, but also offices, stores, etc. The PURE collection absorbs noise up to 10 dB, and does not creak when walking.


Resistant to water and stains

Vinyl flooring is covered by a layer of polyurethane, therefore it requires less maintenance. Because of their resistance, these coverings are well suited for intense daily use. Dust does not stick to these floors. They are easy to clean, ordinary floor maintenance is enough. No need to worry about using too much water when cleaning.


Heated floors

Vinyl flooring is characterized by great thermal conductivity, making them well suited for heated floors. Their heat conductivity is even comparable to that of tiles.


100% recyclable and non-toxic

BerryAlloc® vinyl flooring is made of 100% recyclable and renewable sources/materials. The optimized production chain is less toxic to the environment and uses less electric energy. The class of toxic material emission to premises – starting from A+ (very little pollution)